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MEPS (International) Ltd. is a world leader in the supply of steel market and industry analysis. We have a comprehensive data-base showing steel production and consumption in Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea for all the main steel product categories. We collect trade statistics from major countries for the important steel products. Details of world crude steel and blast furnace iron production are also available.

Our consultants have had many years in executive positions within steel and related industries. They constantly monitor the steel sector. This regular involvement in the steel industry worldwide, our comprehensive data-bases and experience in the industry, places us in a unique position to offer reliable and effective consultancy services to our clients.

Our consultancy services fall into two broad categories:-

Steel Industry Analysis

Steel Market Evaluation

A distinctive feature of our operations is that we are able to provide an integrated TECHNO-MARKETING service covering the steel sector and related industries. This service is particularly effective when technical factors have a critical influence on markets or products. The blend of marketing and technical expertise provides a balanced and independent evaluation of researched data to assist our clients in the development of strategic plans.
We carry out services to Government agencies, International and Multi-National Corporations and numerous enterprises in Banking, Stockbroking, Steel Manufacture, Steel Forming, Steel Trading and to the suppliers of Raw Materials and services to the Steel Industry.

We have produced a number of independent studies for companies undergoing corporate change:-

  • Privatisation
  • Acquisition
  • Mergers
  • New Company Flotation