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Formed the company in 1979. He is a Chartered Engineer and a corporate member of the Institutions of Mechanical, Production and Civil Engineers.

Prior to the formation of MEPS he had appointments on the Board of Directors of several companies. He spent seven years as a Director of a major UK private sector steel company. His responsibilities included, initially, manufacturing and product development and finally, overseas sales and marketing.

Since 1979, Mr. Fish has directed numerous international management, marketing and technical investigations on behalf of clients in many countries worldwide. These have included feasibility studies for the steel processing industry, technical evaluations for the metals and raw material industries and market strategies for protective coatings and other engineering products. He has also prepared Strategic Evaluations of company operations and new market developments.

Mr. Fish has a strong understanding of the basic fundamentals of the world steel industry. He is a specialist in technical and product evaluation involving assessment and analysis of technological trends in processes, materials, product substitution and manufacturing costs. His overall experience has given him in-depth knowledge of the operations of the manufacturing industries supplying the major industrial sectors such as:-

  • Steelmaking and Metal Forming
  • Construction and Process Plant
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Energy and Power

Mr. Fish has detailed knowledge of the world steel industry through his role as Editor of five publications - European Steel Review, its Supplement, International Steel Review, Stainless Steel Review, World Steel Outlook and the annual report Future Trends in Iron and Steel Production. His editorial comments and predictions have proved to be accurate on a number of important issues facing the steel industry. He is also the author of a book “The International Steel Trade”.