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The steel sector is truly global. Changes in one area can significantly affect the situation in other parts of the world. An understanding of steel prices can be an important factor in company profitability for users, producers and distributors. Reflection points in the cycle can be critical. Subscription to MEPS newsletters keeps you abreast of current and future pricing issues and put you ahead of the game.

Who Subscribes to MEPS?



MEPS has over 1000 subscribers in 94 countries worldwide. MEPS steel prices cover 90% of global consumption. All the main steel companies throughout the world are subscribers to MEPS Publications. Other significant subscribers include the major energy companies, manufacturers of automobiles, home appliance, construction and farm machinery, building and construction companies. We also have a considerable portfolio of second tier manufacturing companies which have steel as an important input cost. But it's not just steel producers and users who depend on our information, we have many customers in the financial services sector (banks, investment companies, stockbrokers etc.) in addition to government departments and major institutions. The key reason such a varied number of people are interested in steel prices is because it is a key element of cost and profitability for a wide range of industries.


We produce a family of seven monthly reports focusing on all the important issues in the international steel scene. New features have been added  - including steel price forecasts. These have been designed to provide extra information to enable us to continue to supply the most up to date, reliable independent analysis of the steel sector worldwide.

These are in the form of short but detailed reports for easy presentation. Each issue is prepared from "in depth" research into steel market conditions and price trends in the relevant region under investigation. We undertake extensive discussions with end-users, service centres and steel traders actively operating in the market for each product category. The data collected is analysed and evaluated for presentation in a coherent format useful to our clients. We pride ourselves on being the world leader in the provision of accurate steel price information.

Tables are published showing high and low prices for the most popular product categories and grades. These values are acknowledged as the benchmark for pricing in each country. They are used by steel consumers in a wide range of manufacturing and construction sectors. Our clients also include steel processors, traders, stockholders and steel mills, to obtain an accurate but independent viewpoint of both local and foreign markets. In addition, these reports are utilised by industry analysts, bankers and government departments to keep abreast of current trends within the sector.

Each monthly review incorporates narrative, highlighting the important tendencies on supply, demand and price. These comments are an extremely useful adjunct to the main price tables to enable our clients to understand the likely market trends. Finally, these regular reports are often used as the reference for price agreements between customers and mills. We know that well over one million tonnes of steel is purchased using the MEPS values as the index for price movements.


Would you like to contribute to our steel price data? Special incentives are available to contributors. Please click here for more details.




One-year and five-year forecasts for crude steel, pig iron and DRI production for all main producing countries/regions. Also included is detailed statistics for finished steel production for the ten main rolled steel products (Hot Rolled Coil, Hot Rolled Plate, Cold Rolled Coil, Metal Coated Sheet, Electrical Sheet, Tinplate, Wire Rod, Sections and Beams, Rebar and Merchant Bar) in the EU, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and the US. From trade data we are also able to prepare estimates for apparent consumption.



This family of annual reports contain a five year forecast of steel prices for flat products, long products and raw materials. The predictions in these reports have been prepared using the key factors which MEPS have found to be statistically significant in affecting steel prices. They have been extensively researched and developed through rigorous formal analysis of the global market.