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China Steel Review


CHINA STEEL REVIEW is the latest in MEPS series of steel sector monthly reports. It contains all the main steel and related industry statistics, plus all the comments necessary to keep up to date with happenings in this key market. The data also highlights the impact that actions taken in this country can have on the industry as a whole.

Chinese steel production has a major effect on the cost of steelmaking raw materials. Chinese domestic selling prices are the lowest in the world. Chinese steel exports equate to the total output of the German steel sector and, therefore, have a major influence on import prices across every continent.

The Chinese steel industry is unique and complex. Statistics are difficult to assess because they are often prepared early but revised at a later date. Industry statistics fail to record more than 5 percent of total crude steel production. The steel market mechanism is different to that in most others around the world. Speculation is rife, with a number of iron ore and steel futures markets available.

Each MEPS report sets the Chinese steel sector in the context of the three main regions of the world – European Union, Asia and North America. Comparisons of steel prices are made. Threats and opportunities from Chinese steel imports are given.

If you are involved with the steel industry as a manufacturer, consumer, raw material supplier, or provider of services, this monthly report is essential reading.

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Each issue contains China’s average monthly domestic dealer prices, excluding VAT, for the most popular rolled steel products. Forecasts for the next six months are included.

Contrasts are made between domestic selling prices for the main steel products in China and average values in the European Union, North America and Other Asia.

MEPS researched FOB steel prices, plus estimates of freight and other costs relating to Chinese exports, are compared with local selling values in other regions of the world. Charts are prepared to highlight the relative strength of the Chinese competition.

Official monthly statistics for crude steel and pig iron production are included in each issue, together with forecasts for the year. MEPS estimates of under reported output are supplied.

Prices for both imported and domestic steelmaking raw materials are supplied.

Each monthly report contains tables showing China’s finished rolled steel production, exports, imports, and apparent consumption. One year forecasts are also provided.

The report has a section analysing the market and industry scene, highlighting plant closures and new installations. It also contains information about government initiatives.

Steel Buyers at western and Asian engineering/manufacturing companies utilise the report to evaluate purchasing opportunities for supplies from China.

Steel mill sales executives should subscribe, to enable them to assess the impact of cheap imports from China.

Manufacturers of steelmaking plant, equipment and processing consumables to help them evaluate opportunities.

Strategic Planning Managers to assess domestic prices and judge the potential for setting up plants for component manufacturing in China.

Analysts at shipping and mining companies, banks, government agencies etc to assess the prospects for raw material demand and steel trade.

The detailed analysis of China’s steel production, imports, exports and consumption statistics should interest steel buyers and sellers around the world.

The domestic dealer prices in the report for the main finished steel products should assist those considering setting up subsidiary manufacturing companies in China.


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