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Steel Market Evaluation

MEPS specialise in the collection of steel market data and the evaluation of future demand trends. We analyse the steel consuming markets to assess demand. It is also important to understand the range of products used in each of the consuming sectors. Our "in-depth" knowledge of steel markets enables us to highlight, at an early stage, key elements of change in supply and demand for specified products.

Market studies are normally tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We are able to offer the most cost effective method of approach commensurate with attaining our clients' needs. We have developed a highly effective method of collecting data by personal and telephone interviewing techniques. We also pride ourselves on our analysis of market sectors for which no official statistics are available.

Trends in Worldwide Steel Consumption.

We offer to our steel industry clients an evaluation of market potential and future trends in demand for specified products in selected markets. For the steel consumers we offer information on supplies, substitute materials and technology changes that may affect their future steel procurement. Studies outlining steel supply/demand trends and market price forecasts are also available.

Strategic evaluations are normally required from our market studies. Typically, assessments are made of the following key issues.

Market Size Price Tendencies
Demand Forecasts Product Potential
Market Mechanism Opportunities and Threats
Competition Imports/Exports
Product Substitution Future Trends

MEPS specialise in the iron, steel and related industries. We have successfully undertaken projects in world markets - including West and Eastern Europe, United States, Middle East and Japan. Some of the steel consuming industries we have researched in detail are:-

  • Automobile
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Energy
  • Service Centres

We have undertaken a number of wide ranging attitude surveys in the steel market. These studies are often confidential and are required to test the market prior to making investment decisions. Surveys have been carried out in the following fields:-

  • New Products
  • New Concepts of Manufacture
  • New Pricing Policies
  • New Concepts in Distribution

Statistical data collection on the steel market is a key item in our research programmes. The steel industry boasts a wide range of product types based on shape and grade. Collection of steel statistics is a complex operation. A detailed knowledge of the users of steel products is essential for this type of work. Studies have been made to assess future demand for a range of products including:-

  • Coated Steel
  • Sections and Beams
  • Cold Rolled Strip
  • Foundry Products
  • Forgings
  • Tinplate
  • Hot Rolled Coil
  • High Tensile Plate
  • Semi-finished Products
  • Tubes and Pipes