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  • Asian stainless mills withdraw offers as nickel surges

    Asian stainless mills withdraw offers as nickel surges

    Global stainless steelmakers are scrambling to adjust their pricing levels, due to rapidly escalating nickel costs.
  • Challenging times ahead for North American steel buyers

    US prices for flat products are changing rapidly, almost on a daily basis. Aggressive pricing policies are being adopted by the steel producers. This is creating very challenging times for steel buyers.
  • Polish steel supply still in backlog

    The Polish steel market is still suffering from severe shortages. Spot buying is limited for quarter one, 2021. This is expected to continue into the second trimester.
  • The rise and rise of iron ore

    Iron ore prices are soaring. Values reached approximately US$160 per tonne by the middle of December. This level was last recorded in early 2013. Demand growth, particularly in China, is driving the increase in the cost of the raw material.
  • King of the Road

    Road transport, via ferries or through the Channel Tunnel, provides a vital link in the steel distribution chain between Great Britain and the rest of Europe.
  • European steel market in panic mode

    European steelmakers continue to raise their prices for new transactions on almost a daily basis. Buyers complain of offers being made by suppliers and withdrawn soon afterwards. Mills are maintaining their pricing discipline.
  • Buyers wonder how Brexit will affect steel prices

    With the end-of-year deadline for a trade agreement between the EU and the UK fast approaching, steel buyers are questioning the effect of Brexit on steel prices in Britain. The impact, so far, is very little.
  • Steel import tariffs and CO2 border taxes: protectionism or encouragement?

    Since late 2019, the European Commission has been considering the introduction of a CO2 border tax, covering all industrial sectors. At first glance, this has the appearance of another protectionist measure
  • Vaccine news boosts European stainless steel market

    As we head into the final few weeks of 2020 the European stainless steel market is turning its attention to what the new year will bring. The second round of coronavirus-related lockdowns and increased restrictions are starting to be lifted again
  • Fears of supply shortage grow in US stainless market

    The short-term outlook for the US stainless steel sector is cautiously optimistic. Many market participants reported a flurry of activity ahead of the Thanksgiving holidays.
  • US steel prices - the sky’s the limit?

    US buyers are taking a break from the current dizzying surge in steel prices, but as they tuck into their Thanksgiving meals, many will be wondering what awaits them on their return to the negotiating table.
  • Demand in Poland dictated by coronavirus second wave

    The economic recovery in Poland continues to stutter. The IHS Markit Poland Manufacturing PMI remained unchanged for October, indicating that growth is lacking momentum.